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The future

Later this year, we will be unveiling a new selection of packaged Web Content Management Systems –
if you’ve ever used Wordpress, you’ll know how useful it is to have a system you can simply install and have it working out of the box. Our pre-packages solutions are designed to make owning and maintaining a website a doddle, however complex it may be.

However, unlike Wordpress, the new packages are built around more than just a blogging system. It’s a complete application platform that will allow you to do anything from simple text editing to online payments to analysing SEO metrics or managing mailing lists. The platform was built from the ground up to be the most flexible solution on the market.
Rhona Gillmore - Flash site with animated transitions, drop down menus and custom scrollbars
Quick Silver Mail - e-commerce ticket selling, dynamic galleries, events management. Design by Formula 360, copy by Quick Silver Mail

Feature highlights:

  • Editable access privileges – decide who sees what, when and what they can do with the information. Change access for anyone, whenever you want
  • ‘Word’-like text editors –we use a ‘Just in Time’ editing approach in our system wherever we can so that what you see is what you get – log on, edit and save. Simple as that
  • Blogs – it’s a stalwart feature, but our solutions include all the features you’re used to on your local blog, along with many extra features we’ll be revealing in the coming weeks
  • Geolocation services – enable your mobile visitors to search for products, events or services based upon their current location
  • ‘Page locks’ to help prevent users updating content at the same time
  • E-commerce – a whole suite of tools for dealing with online shops. With it, you can sell products, services or charge memberships. Keep track of payments and status of orders. Offer custom promotions on a product or a range whenever you want. Allow customers to rate products to write reviews that Google can optimise and index. With our e-commerce package, a world of possibilities is opened up to you
  • Advertising management – help monetise your site by selling ads through Google Adsense, Amazon ads and more through our custom-built advertising system. This system allows you to track the ads, how successful they were and who saw them. When combined with some of our other features, you’ll have a powerhouse of information impossible to get from third-party solutions alone
FTI - all pages are editable, 'news popup' that displays the latest news item, secure login
Comeytrowe - brochure site with secure contact form, login and editable copy. Uses ASP.NET
  • User management, tracking and visualisation – keep track of the people who’ve signed up to your site or even your own admin staff. Easily see their usage patterns with tables, graphs and other visualisation tools
  • E-business integration – take your business one step further by synchronising your off-line and online activities. Keep track of business diaries so you know when your next order arrives, write task lists you can track and analyse, draw up time planners to help see where you can improve
  • Automated tasks – this is one of the features we’re most proud of. You can tell the system to do what you want without having to watch over your website all the time. You can tell your site to backup the database every day or every hour, check for new orders or email loyal customers on a specific day. Using automated tasks is like hiring a team of extra people who work for free
  • Fast, custom search engine – allow your visitors to search for anything you want them to, based upon any method you want, or let the system automatically decide for you. And then track the search results, just like you would with Google
  • Rich web controls – well over 800 different controls and widgets to choose from. From flexible menus to breadcrumb trails to rich text editors to sliders to layout managers and far beyond. No other platform even comes close to the breadth of flexibility and control you’ll have at your fingertips
  • Support tickets for any queries and complaints management – should a visitor have a query or complaint, stay on top of it with our support ticketing feature
  • Support documentation and training – if you ever forget how to use a particular tool, look it up in our printed or online documentation or give us a call for free
Moda - editable galleries, slideshows and content, user management, can send data-driven emails

Extra services

  • International sites - if your site requires support for several languages or may in the future, we can simply add our internationalisation ('I18N') and globalisation ('G11N') tools to your site
  • Programming languages – we specialise in PHP, but we’re happy to build your site in any of the popular programming languages (PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Python, Java, Flash, Flex, Silverlight)
  • 7-day, direct contact with Formula 360 – contact us by phone or by email so that we can talk you through your query or sort out your problem (8-7 Mon-Sat, 9-noon Sun)
  • Live demo site – to help you find out more about our pre-packaged solutions, we will launch a fully editable demo site with a wide selection of the features you’ll be able to use on your own site; this way, you don’t have to guess how a feature might look at the end of a project and you’ll save even more development time
  • Improved maintenance and update contracts
  • Consulting –have an idea for a web venture but don’t know how to go about it? Check with us first to help you iron out any wrinkles before it’s too late. With no obligation to hire us for the job